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We are a real-time virtual medical scribe and personal assistant service designed to significantly improve overall physician satisfaction and workflow efficiency.

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Our Advantages

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Our services work with all EMRs

Improving Physicians' Quality Of Life

  • A better work-life balance
  • Reduced physician burnout
  • Personalized documentation
  • Capturing relevant information
  • Needs minimal briefing
  • Non-intrusive professional scribes

Helping Administrators

Our documentation specialists are career scribes who are well trained and experienced to efficiently handle any specialties.  Medical Administrators have a lot of advantages.

  • High-quality referral documentation as the result of detailed documentation of charts, medications, immunizations and allergies.
  • Increase in levels of billing with more thorough and coding-specific documentation
  • Our scribes are trained to meet incentive payment program and quality measure required data entry.
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Our Process

In just a few steps, a physician connects to a live medical scribe. Our systems are HIPPA-compliant and host a seamless interaction between the scribe and the physician.


Launch Physician Assist

Open the software on your smart device. 


Connect to Your Scribe

Select the scribe(s) you typically work with.


Real-Time Collaboration

Give audible commands to the virtual scribe or simply interact



Doctors scan & review the virtual assistant’s work, and sign off. 

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