Top 4 Benefits of a Virtual Scribe

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Everyday the demand, stress, and workload for physicians is increasing. The most time consuming tasks for physicians including note taking and coding patient information. Luckily, scribes are tools that can help reduce the mountain of notes and paperwork. 

While most are aware of the help scribes can provide, few are aware of the top benefits they can provide such as:  

1. Lower Cost

  • Saves practices an average of $16,600 a year
  • Increase revenues as they aid physician to see more patients, improve their coding and billing, the virtual scribe provides more options for the physician
  • Keeps expenses low as virtual scribes can be used on demanded instead of a constant basis 

2. Minimal Training Required

  • Most virtual scribe companies use a team approach so several scribes are familiar with the physician’s workflow and documentation preferences
  • Virtual scribes are often already familiar with a number of EHR systems
  • If a scribe leaves other scribes can quickly train any new scribes who will be working with the physician

3. No Physical Constraints

  • Virtual scribes are not physically in the room, which increase the space in the room 
  • Increase safety as one less person is in the room reduces possible Covid exposure
  • Provides practices in remote or hard to reach areas with on demand scribes

4. Decrease in Scheduling Issues

  • On demand scribes made day to day schedule coordination seamless
  • Virtual scribes the need to coordinate schedules when a scribe is sick or on vacations
  • Easy access to scribes when a physicians operates in more than one office

Virtual scribes by Physician Assist ensure doctors get the help they need at a lower cost. Virtual scribes are financially cheaper, take less time to train, and are available 24/7.

Interested in learning how you can get set up with a scribe? Give us a call at 1-833-943-5737 or submit an inquiry!

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