Unexpected Advantages of a ScribeHello world!

In the medical field scribes provide a lot of help to physicians. Whether it be organizing documents or taking notes about a patient, scribes take on many time consuming tasks that keep physicians tied up. Scribes are typically known for reducing workload and making operations more efficient, but a study by Annals Family Medicine found that there are a few other lesser known advantages. 

 Joy of Practice

By taking care of a lot of the administrative and documentation work, it reduces the amount of stress put on physicians. Without having to worry about charting, physicians can spend more time away from work which benefits their mental health. A better work life balance enables physicians to rediscover the love passion they have for their profession.

 Charting Quality and Accuracy

Scribes main task and priority is to assist physicians with charting during patients visits. Many times when physicians do evaluations they may forget to write a note and hear something incorrectly due to everything physicians are thinking about to help the patient. However, having a scribe present enables the physician to focus on the patients while the scribe has full focus and attention on taking high quality and accurate notes. 

Improved Quality Care for Patients

Since scribes allow physicians to focus on the patient more, as a result physicians take more time connecting with and evaluating patients. By not having to worry about writing everything down, physicians are able to ask more questions and focus only on the patient at hand. In follow up appointments the quality of care increases as well, for the patients documents and notes are of high quality and make it easy for physicians to quickly recall the patient, remember any important signs or symptoms, and review preliminary conclusions.

Medical scribes can be a huge asset to any practice. Just by taking on note taking and documentation they can help improve the overall function and quality of any practice.

At Physician Assist we work to help make physicians’ lives better and improve their patients’ satisfaction by offering highly skilled medical scribes. Virtual scribes can help reduce a lot of headache as they financially cheaper, take less time to train, and are available 24/7.

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