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physicianassist is a real-time virtual medical scribe service designed to significantly improve overall physician satisfaction and charting efficiency.

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physicianassist is Trusted by Medical Professionals Across the Nation

Medical Groups

 Increasing overhead and information technology clutter in the exam room is costly and intrusive. We standardize the data documentation process.

Hospital & Health System

Busy hospitals and increased consolidation makes virtual scribes ideal for enterprises that simply can’t afford lapses in proficiency and productivity.

Specialty Centers

Urgent cares, surgery centers, and ERs are some of the places where we’ve reduced wait times, improved patient experience and captured additional revenues.

Improving physicians' quality of life

Physicians should do what they were meant to – practice medicine, not be burdened with data capture.
physicianassist reduces #physicianburnout symptoms and helps physicians to achieve a better work-life balance. With physicianaassist you can expect:

  • Reduced physician burn out
  • More time for patient care for a better patient-provider experience
  • Average time saving of 2.5 hours per day for the providers
  • Maintain better work-life balance
  • Personalize documentation and capture relevant information
  • Happier physicians means better retention rates and lower costs

We go above & beyond

Our core competency goes beyond just medical charting. physicianassist delivers:

  • Improved patient access and clinical efficiencies
  • Quality Measure Capturing: HEDIS, MACRA, P4P and Star Ratings
  • Improved reporting and outcomes
  • Reduce expensive and impractical resources
  • An EHR-agnostic solution
  • Compliant documentation for History of Present Illness (HPI), Review of Systems (ROS), Physical Exam, Assessments, and more
  • Data analytics using the provider dashboard to get practice insights
  • Validated by CMS for compliance

Numbers Prove
Our Value

Patient encounters charted per week


Increase in billing levels with physicianassist


Providers see more patients per day after adopting a scribe

Average time given back to providers


Report higher patient satisfaction scores

"physicianassist has made it possible for our clinic to focus more on patient care by elegantly handling tasks that previously slowed us down. I love working with my scribe!" Dr. Fawad Shaheen

Interventional Radiologist
NeuroEndoVascular Specialists, LLC

"Being an ER doc, I want to spend as much time as I can with my patients - PhysicianAssist empowers me to do that in a busy setting. The quality of charting is truly impressive!" Dr. Shehma Khan

Emergency Room Physician

Signature Process

In just a few simple steps, a physician connects to a live medical scribe.
Our systems are fully HIPAA-compliant and host a seamless interaction between the scribe and the physician.

Step 1

Launch physicianassist

Open the software on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Step 2

Connect to Your Scribe

Select the scribe(s) you typically work with.

Step 3

Real-Time Collaboration

Give audible commands to the virtual scribe or simply interact with the patient and follow along on the screen.

Step 4


Review the virtual assistant’s work, preparation of labs/orders and sign off.  Services are available 24/7 to update charts.

Create Efficient Workflow

Faster access to patient records using our service not only alleviates data burden but also is an effective tool to create efficient workflows. More and more healthcare organizations and physicians are electing to utilize technology-enabled virtual scribes as a cost-effective and practical alternative to a physical scribe. With physicianassist, our physicians can:

  • Feel more engaged with patients
  • Sign charts at the end of patient visits 
  • Enable faster access to patient records
  • Capture more coding opportunities for higher levels of billings
  • Encourage physician partners to standardize workflow
  • Employ “manual interoperability” for a more complete health record
  • Create efficiencies and repurpose your current resources for better financial outcomes
  • Gracefully transition physicians to new or different EMR systems
  • Increase revenues, add more patients to the schedule, eliminate delays in chart submission and reduce administrative costs

The Difference

Our experience and service-level assurances differentiate us from the competition. 

  • We offer results-based trials
  • Our documentation specialists are career scribes, with an average of 10 years experience and are well-trained and experienced to efficiently handle multi-specialties, thereby reducing the need to constantly train and maintain staff
  • Each customer is onboarded through a detail-oriented audit and workflow analysis
  • Our virtual scribes can be purposed to execute tasks beyond just charting


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